About Blue Lotus Trading

As practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism we are keenly interested in its rituals and ceremonies, in the sacred and traditional arts of Tibet and the Himalayas, and in Himalayan people and culture. Many others share the same interest, prompting Blue Lotus Trading to offer an array of ritual items, furniture, traditional arts and crafts, and other creations by Tibetan and Himalayan artisans.

In providing high-quality authentic traditional Dharma practice items and artisan-crafted Tibetan and Himalayan products, Blue Lotus Trading is able to support Buddhist practice and the work of artists committed to sacred traditional arts and to help build awareness of Tibet, Tibetan Buddhism, and Tibetan sacred arts.

If you have specific requests, let us know - we are often successful at finding hard-to-find items.

Blue Lotus Trading does not profit from the dissemination of Dharma information or from the sale of statues and ritual thangkas. We can, however, help you locate such items or information.


Lora Swartz

Blue Lotus Trading

Telephone:  216.798.3355

eMail:  bluelotustrading@aol.com

Schedule of Events

Event information will be updated as new information becomes available, so be sure to check back!